1. Grotesquely Beautiful Antonymes
2. Don´t Stop Blank + Jones with Claudia Brücken
3. Unanswered Letters Bliss
4. Morning After Michael Rother
5. Shelter (Slow Phase) Spooky
6. Ghosts Infantjoy [featuring Sarah Nixey]
7. Hinterland Marconi Union
8. Floatation The Grid
9. The 7 Solution Bdum Bdum Sound
10. Ghost Trains Erlend Øye
11. Shortcuts [Lulu Rouge Remix] Trolle Siebenhaar
12. Melankoli Lulu Rouge
13. Sleep in my Arms [Between Interval Remix] Sally Shapiro
14. Waiting For The Night Depeche Mode
15. Zero Gravitation (Beatless Mix) Johan Agebjörn

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